Founded in 1993, Yamaha boat factory is one of the leading manufacturers of the premium quality pleasure and commercial boats in collaboration with Yamaha Japan, in the United Arab Emirates. The factory produces more than 25 models ranging from 19 to 42 feet boats.

Yamaha boat factory is the first and only Yamaha licensed boat factory in the gulf region, boosting an experience of over 18 years. It’s the continuous success that has driven us to our top position in the marine market. Since then, our range has been rapidly expanding, with each new edition adding something rather special to a highly competitive market.

With over 100 employees who are committed to producing a perfectly satisfying product; each highly experienced in their respective fields, from design, to engineering, to manufacturing, to quality control, sales and distribution. As well as, professional repair services and maintenance covering all parts of the boat as per Yamaha high standards, we guarantee you a first-class experience.

When it comes to our customer’s expectations, we always aim for the top quality, cost efficient products that are made by well experienced hands, quality materials, innovative research team using the latest technologies and after sales service all around the clock. We also provide in-house finance for any Yamaha boat - interest free, to make your purchase much more comfortable.